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Standee Design and Printing Service in Delhi

Standout with Prabisha Consulting Standee Design

A standee is a large self-standing display used to promote brands, products or events. They can be anything from self-standing posters to 3D displays with moving parts and lights. Their portable nature makes them an easy and attractive advertising tool. Standee display plays an important role in attracting visitors at a show while creating a brand impression on visitors. It makes a great advertising tool.

Why is Standee Important for your business?

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Stunning display

A standee can be an excellent poster or moving graphics. At Prabisha Consulting we create standees with memorable impact, choosing the right shapes, colors, and graphics that help showcase your brand in an attractive manner and leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.

Stand-out with a standee

Prabisha Consulting’s dramatic and eye-catching stand design increases your chances of getting noticed. It helps create a memorable image in the minds of people walking by. It allows the audience to get an idea about your business and convey the desired message.

Boost Your Sales

Our standee can ensure a rise in your customer count. It is usually displayed at a place where the moving crowd can spot it easily. Upon seeing the standee, a visitor makes a quick decision of whether or not to visit your stall. This helps in increasing the number of customers which in turn can boost your sales.


A standee can be easily moved from one place to another. Having a number of standees will boost presence at a crowded show. Their portable nature makes it all the more beneficial. You can keep rotating their positions to seek attention to your display.

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Reusable and Cost Effective

Standees are a great way to advertise because they are reusable. If you take care of your standee and keep it in good condition, you can use it for other occasions, which reduces the cost of buying another standee. Standees are also more cost-effective than other kinds of outdoor advertising.

Why Prabisha Consulting for Standee Design?

Our expertise at Prabisha Consulting understands the values that define a brand and then works to build creative communication around various print assets. We design the standee using high-quality materials so that it does not fall in front of your customers because we believe that along with the beauty in a standee, your reputation also lies in it. We take great care to select colours and designs and print them well so that your message can be conveyed in the required way.

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