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The storyteller is as important as the story, tell your powerful brand stories with the perfect influencer and grab your customer’s attention
Word of mouth has been a well-known marketing strategy for ages, but in the changing times, this strategy has also become digitized. Yes, influencer marketing is the digital form of traditional word-of-mouth marketing.
Unlike traditional celebrities, today’s influencers enjoy a strong and lasting relationship with their followers, so it’s a great way to market your business to the right customers through influencers.
As the best influencer marketing agency in Delhi, Prabisha Consulting has a pool of trusted influencers on all social media networks this lets you strategically identify influencers best suited for your campaigns

Prabisha Consulting offers everything to run a successful Influencer Marketing

Influencer Sourcing

Identifying the ideal influencer is the key factor in influencer marketing, we at Prabisha Consulting will find the right influencers in your niche that match your overall content and budget.

Content Development

Our professional content development experts will assist you in creating engaging influencer content that can seize your customer’s attention

Contracting with Influencer

We’ll negotiate with the influencers to create a win-win contract based on your requirement.

Campaign Strategy and Implement

Making a campaign strategy is another key factor, we at Prabisha Consulting will conduct market research to understand the customer’s preferences and the right social media platforms as per your business type and campaign goal.

Campaign Management

Managing the created campaign is also important to ensure that campaigns run effectively without any hurdles.

Analytics and Reporting

We’ll track the campaign performances like click-through, engagement, conversions, etc., and analyze the value of each influencer

Why Your Business Need Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. But the strategy once regarded by some as a fad has taken digital marketing by storm. The best part is, that the continued growth of influencer marketing has proven to be beneficial for brands and influencers alike.

Precise Target

Finding and targeting the right audience is an essential part of every marketing, but influencer marketing has eliminated this process because influencers are already handling it.

Uplift audience engagement

As influencers share your content on their social media profiles, their followers will also engage with it. If they like the content, they can tag their friends and share it on their account, further expanding its reach.

Improved Conversion Rates

Generating leads, generating sales, and making a profit is the ultimate goal of any marketing. Influencers will support you for this by attracting more people towards your products or services. This is because customers believe the suggestions from their beloved influencers.

Increased trust and credibility

Trust is the most important aspect of any business to get the loyal audience. Since influencers write their honest feedback about your products or services, it is considered an authentic testimonial. This strengthens your brand’s reputation and boosts your credibility.


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