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We, the award-winning Facebook advertising agency in India, can be your revenue generation and business growth partner. We are a trusted agency that can help you tap into the power of Facebook advertising to reach your target market. We work with you to create an effective campaign that drives results.

Facebook has 1.91 billion daily active users, during the first half quarter of 2022. Imagine how big the Facebook market is. Yes, Facebook is the largest social media network. The average conversion rate on Facebook ads is 9.21% across all industries.
In addition, since 2012, Facebook’s association with Instagram has helped businesses to reach their customers on both Facebook and Instagram, as Facebook Ads have begun to reach different demographics. Especially with the latest Instagram updates which focus on Instagram’s shop tabs, the combination of the two platforms allows your brand to be seen by countless users.

How does Our Facebook Advertising Service Work?

Facebook Ad Audience Target | Facebook Ad Design | Facebook Ad Copy Writing | Facebook Ad Analytics and Optimization

Facebook Ad Audience Target

As an experienced Facebook Ad management company in Delhi, Prabisha Consulting believes that targeting the right audience is a highly prioritized and important process for a successful ad campaign. Because no matter how great your content is, if you’re not putting it in front of the right customers it won’t work. If you are not using Facebook’s audience targeting feature to reach the right customers, you are simply wasting company time and money by not getting clicks from the right customers.
We develop detailed and creative Ad Audiences that help your business to reach and engage with your ideal audience. We are also experts in retargeting & remarketing ads which help to engage with the customers who have already shown interest in your business, Services, or Product.

Facebook Ad Design

Facebook has given many options like photos, video, carousel, slide show, and collection of images to convey your brand story to people. You can choose an Ad format that suits your company’s Ad campaign goals and conveys your brand story to your ideal customers.
Through Facebook Advertising services, our Prabisha Consulting team provides guidance on the most effective ad formats to meet your campaign goals and creative ad development services to ensure your Facebook ads are having the right impact on your ideal customers. Our creative team has a track record of creating professional advertising designs that capture the attention of our client’s target audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Facebook Ad Copy Writing

Ad copy is a written component of an advertising message. Ad copy is a crucial part to inspire your audience to take the next step. Therefore, designing it as enthralling as possible will attract the reader. The more interested the reader is, the more likely they will go to the next stage, for example, buying a product.
As part of Facebook Advertising Services, Prabisha Consulting experienced copywriting experts do research to write compelling ad copy which is optimized for your Ad Campaign Goal. Our creative professionals write ad copy that grabs your customers’ attention and helps you convert them into leads.

Facebook Ad Analytics and Optimization

The only way to determine if your Facebook advertising campaigns are generating a return on your investment is to track the results of your campaigns over time and analyze these results based on your key performance indicators (KPIs).
KPIs will help you understand which aspects of your campaigns are performing well and which need improvement. By tracking and analyzing your KPIs, you can make changes to your campaigns to generate better results.
We, as the top Facebook Ads agency India, don’t just create an ad campaign, we track key performance indicators that help you know if your campaign is meeting your goal and getting the expected ROI, which helps you plan future Facebook ad campaigns.

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Why Should You Invest in Facebook Advertising?

Micro-Target Audience | High ROAS |Low CPC | Immediate Leads | Retargeting Ads | Rigorous Reporting

Facebook advertising is an excellent way for businesses to reach their target audience and sell directly to them. It’s available in different ad formats, such as Dynamic, Carousel, Video, Slideshow, and more. With Facebook Pixel installed, you can easily monitor the performance of your ad campaigns in real-time. With the proper implication of Facebook ads, your business page can secure followers, gain post engagements & get conversions with its micro-targeting method, specific campaign objective, cost-effectiveness & A/B testing practises.

Why work with Prabisha Consulting?

Facebook advertising is an affordable and effective digital advertising medium to reach your target audience. As a leading Facebook ad management company, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients the best results possible. Our team will implement ROAS-focused & result-driven campaigns to get conversions that exceed your expectations. With years of experience in advertising, we know how to scale small-mid-sized businesses with a strategic approach. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can skyrocket the revenue of your business.