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Offering responsive & custom education website design services and learning management systems for Schools, Universities, Colleges & Online courses.

The usual learning experience has been changing because of e-learning. More and more educational organizations & individuals are expanding their online presence with websites by which students can attend the lessons from anywhere, anytime. We, Prabisha Consulting, develop highly beneficial e-learning websites with lower cost, more user-friendliness & higher flexibility. We can help you to adopt advanced learning solutions for standard way learning & teachings.

Get Next-Gen Edtech Website Development Services

As a leading EduTech development company, Prabisha Consulting offers web development solutions to educational institutions and companies. We are passionate about introducing advanced learning practices backed up by innovative technologies. Our developers have the skills and experience necessary to build modern-age Edu Tech websites for your company. With our help, you can reach the digital learning experience to the top level.

We Fill the Gap between Educator & Learner

Online learning solutions decrease the gap between educators & learners. E-learning strikes & gaining its market in India after Covid 19. Research indicated that after 2020 there was a massive drop in academic books by 50-60%. In the wake of Covid-19, most institutions & organizations have adopted E-learning websites, an easy way to keep track of students’ data, organize study resources, exam marks & most importantly, online classes where teacher-students can interact with each other in real-time via video or chat system.

Being a flexible study method, different segments of educational institutions & personas (primary, secondary, high school, and online courses) have been adding e-learning web solutions to their traditional educational system. In addition, students using e-learning platforms can see how well they’re doing compared to others in real time, thanks to Edtech portals.

What We Offer as an E-Learning Website Development Company in India

  • Responsive School Website Design
  • Learning Management System ( LMS)
  • Education Website Development
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Easy To Manage

Features for Enhancing Edtech Website

  • Online Admission Portal
  • Database Management; Reporting & Analysis
  • Course Creation
  • Skills & Certification Addon
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Online Chat Forum
  • Payment Gateway

Benefits of Education Website Design Services

  • EdTech websites provide an easy and engaging way for students to learn from home. You can choose what lessons you want to do and learn at your own pace. This has made long-distance learning much more convenient for students worldwide.
  • EdTech has a lot of benefits for students and educators alike. It can help decrease expenditure and make learning materials more accessible.
  • You can optimize your day-to-day activities as well.