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Digital PR is the evolved form of Public Relation. PR has traditionally focused on print-based publications, TV, and radio. But print media is not what it used to be and online media is fast overtaking traditional print publications and TV. With the growth of online marketing, these PR savvy have shifted their focus to digital PR online.

Instead of creating brand awareness through press publication, TV, and radio, Digital PR focuses on brand awareness through the website, social media, influencers, press releases etc.

When we use Digital PR strategies effectively, we can achieve a positive impact on the website’s Search engine optimization. Understanding google guidelines and ranking signals is important for Digital PR to improve the website’s visibility on search results.

How Our Digital PR Service Works

Prabisha Consulting, the best Digital PR Agency Delhi helps businesses, brands, and various other industries to increase their online presence with our unique and functional Digital PR strategies.


We have a contact database of bloggers of various niches, built through successful promotions. We will find the right blog as per your business niche to reach your epitome customers and promote your brand.

Social Media Management

As there are billions of social media users in the world, nowadays Social media has become a critical and effective method to promote your brand and engage with the customers.


We have a strong database of freelance and mainstream media journalist contacts to secure brand mentions for your business.


Influencers have a large number of loyal followers by nature, Influencer marketing is a digital form of traditional word-of-mouth. We have a large database of trusted influencers, so we’ll reach your target niche by working with the ideal influencers.

Press Release

Press releases through digital publications grab instant attention. So we’ll use press releases to promote your business’s latest news and updates.

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