Emerging path breaking Technology has changed the field of marketing forever. Just with the times taking a turn, the marketing strategy that used to be implied has soon become outdated and now, technology is changing marketing at a speed that we can barely keep up with.  Studies show that there is a greater need for faster turnaround and immediate service in commercial business. Because of the ease that technology has created for its consumers, the consumers are no longer willing to wait for their goods and services. If you don’t have the quick speed they want, they just go somewhere else.

There is sure an epiphany that everything we had years back has significantly changed someway or the other. However, it can’t be denied that with the advent of technology, lives have really changed. Think of any industry, businesses or any area for that matter and you will seldom see that the fields have not been affected by the winds of technology.

Digital Marketing has swept the methods of marketing that was prevalent earlier. As for our country India, it is a matter of pride that it is the largest growing online market in the world.  The buyers of the world, let alone India wants a smooth and less time consuming  experience of understanding a market which in current times is extremely difficult without ‘Digital Marketing.’ It is changing fast the face of online marketing in India. With effective implementation of digital technology in marketing, it has been witnessed that companies are able to solve their clients’ queries and problems at the drop of a hat through social media platforms – 24 X 7 and email facilities. On the other hand, companies can also get the word out to their customers about the latest product launch in moment’s time. On the other hand, the impact of the search engine optimization (SEO) service on the business has been immense with the changing times. Studies show that there are more than 63,000 searches per second on an average day, and most consumers and business owners rely heavily on Google when searching new products and services.

The world is changing with the coming of the latest trends in technology and so is the face of marketing. Having seen the changing trends of the digital technology, it will not be therefore an exaggeration to say that ‘Digital Marketing’ will surely present itself as a cornerstone of success everywhere around. The impact of digital technology on marketing plans and strategies will continue to grow manifold.

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